What began as a personal love for wearing and acquiring hard to find vintage pieces, evolved over the space of 6 months into a small business, sharing my love of vintage clothing with my customers. 

Gold Link Vintage was developed as a female run vintage company in a mainly male dominated industry.  We wanted to impart a female view on the vintage streetwear scene but still being able to ensure we have got something fresh for everyone! 

We stock one of a kind vintage clothing, sourced from across the globe. Our stock is completely hand picked with no mystery boxes turning up on our door step! By handpicking everything, it does mean that our costs are higher but we are also able to bring you more premium goods!! 

Vintage clothing means more than just looking good, it also means doing good.

Our slogan, "Look good. Do Good" was created with the principal in mind, that acquiring and wearing vintage clothing and accessories isn’t just for the purpose of looking good. Choosing to purchase pre loved clothing items, means that you are choosing to reuse and recycle, it means that you are choosing to reduce environmental waste and your carbon footprint. Supporting fast fashion leads to 500,000 tones of textiles and leather ending up in landfill each year and that’s only in Australia!! 

If we buy smart and purchase staple pieces that are of superior quality it means that we are doing our part to reduce waste. 

Another personal reason why we are so passionate about vintage clothing is the memories and stories that are embedded in the clothing. The exciting part for us is wondering what the precious life of the clothes I wear had, who they belonged to, what amazing adventures the people wearing them got upto. 

Here at Gold Link Vintage we pride ourselves on our customer service and will always make sure that your purchase is an extremely enjoyable experience!!